How to Eat Fried Preschool

11:11 a.m. - January 17, 2008
How to Eat Fried Preschool
I absolutely cannot believe it's been as long as it has been since I have written in here. I miss it so much! It was just one of those expendable activities that was dropped when I decided to get my life in order and keep my house clean(ok...somewhat straightened). I now only have the time for the occasional movie. Plus now I am having to find a J.O.B. so my free-time is going to be even less. BooHooHoo...right? Well, it's all good anyway, cuz my computer is on the fritz from evil viruses that have dug themselves so deep and grabbed hold of such important files, that there is noway to get rid of them, except by wiping the whole hard drive and starting over, which for some reason won't work either. The computer actually won't let us do it. This on top of the fact that my absent-minded husband left the car doors unlocked and had his very expensive laptop stolen last year and our main desk top computer(only 3 yrs old) is deader than dead. The motherboard actually got fried. Not sure exactly how. Could have been a power surge or something, even though we have a surge protector. So even if we got a new hard drive it still might not work. So...down to my hand-me-down, pieced together, piece of crap comp.
Oh well...enough babbling on that. Some good news... My babyboy(not so much a baby anymore :( ) is now going to day-care/preschool at the local junior college. Free to us poor people, YAY! 5hrs, 3 days/week for me to look for a job and then more time and days after I start working. I finally have some time at home to get some long overdue things done! Wahoo!
Well...gotta go get more work done. Fun, Fun. 0 comments so far

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